18 Jan

Analysis of Turkish and British press: Wilders has limited impact

Placed on Friday, 18 January 2008 by Publistat

Geert Wilders

PVV leader Geert Wilders' impact on the reputation of The Netherlands in the Turkish and British press is limited. The Dutch Srebrenica soldiers who were offered war medals at the end of 2006, received more negative publicity than Wilders' proposition to prohibit the Koran one year later, according to a research by Publistat.

Publistat analysed 683 articles on Duch politics, gathered from the websites of The Times Online, The Sun Online, Zaman Online, and Hurriyet Online in the period between October 2006 and September 2007.

During the entire research period, Wilders receives little exposure by the Turkish and British press. In the Turkish media, in all the news about The Netherlands, Wilders is only mentioned in 4 of the cases. In the UK press, Wilders' exposure is even less: barely 2. In comparison, the Dutch Queen Beatrix receives almost 4 times as much media attention by Turkish newspapers. Also, former Dutch minister Ben Bot and undersecretary of state Nebahat Albayrak are both far more prominent in these newspapers as well. The Turkish media are more interested in the Dutch stance towards Turkish' accession to the EU and the official state visit by Queen Beatrix than in the Islam in The Netherlands.

On Dutch politics, Turkish newspapers report significantly more negative than British newspapers do. 17 of all Turkish articles are critical, whereas with British newspapers this is only 5. The war medals offered to the Dutch soldiers who were stationed in Srebrenica resulted in more negative reports than Wilders' proposition to prohibit the Koran. Although Wilders receives criticism, this is aimed at Wilders as a Dutch politician and not at The Netherlands in their entirety.

Journalists also voice Dutch critics. In more than half of all Turkish articles, Wilders is depicted as 'extreme rightist'. The depiction 'anti-islamic' is also used often. After September 2007, interest in Wilders declines. Despite his notorious plans (at least in The Netherlands), Wilders hardly receives exposure after September 2007.

The British newspapers have little interest in Wilders and publish only 2 articles.

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